Friday September 19 , 2014
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Type 2 Diabetes: Belly Fat and Insulin Resistance

You can associate belly fat with insulin resistance. Since belly fat is more on risk factors, insulin resistance treatment involves losing weight, exercising and lifestyle changes.

Type 2 diabetes usually hits overweight and middle-aged adults

90 percent of those diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are obese or overweight and usually have big bellies! In the belly is a specific type of fat called visceral fat. It is not a subcutaneous fat or fat beneath the skin. It is a fat around or in the liver and some organs inside the abdomen area. Liposuction cannot remove visceral fat as it only does with subcutaneous fat. The latter does not cause type 2 diabetes, by the way.

The cause of the burgeoning problems of belly fat goes back to the mechanism of fat-storage survival. Supposed to be a lifesaving mechanism, today’s times see it becoming harmful, especially with insulin resistance, which it is closely related. Visceral fat accumulation leads to insulin resistance, a state when the body’s insulin production is enough but the cells cannot use it properly, or are resistant to insulin action. Insulin resistance causes exaggerated blood sugar swings and hunger. Feeding this hunger with food which quantity goes higher gradually leads to further accumulation of fats; and the more fat stored around the midsection, the bigger the belly-fat cells grow.

The trouble is: insulin cannot effectively deal with large or swollen fat cells after meals, resulting to over production of insulin by the pancreas. The worse that this seemingly simple belly fat can do is making the pancreas overwork with that insulin resistance state. In time, the pancreas shall become tired of doing so and cannot produce enough insulin. This condition makes glucose peak after meals resulting to type 2 diabetes.

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) noted that there is a relationship between insulin resistance and abdominal obesity. To estimate abdominal obesity, get your waist-hip ratio by taking your waist measurement at its narrowest (above the belly button) and your hips at the fullest point (around the buttocks). Divide measurement of waist by that of the hips. A quotient of more than 1 in men or .8 in women is strongly related to insulin resistance and abdominal obesity.

Prevention and solution

Lose belly fat as early as possible and prevent insulin resistance. Harvard University Medical School recommends moderate to intensity activities of 30 minutes daily. Pointing a study made by Duke University Medical Center, those who jog 20 miles a week lost both subcutaneous and visceral fats. An hour of strength training a week can be of help too.

Diet also plays a significant role in reducing visceral fats. Watch portion sizes and focus on complex carbs like whole grains as well as vegetables and fruits.


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